Whessoe Computing Systems

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PSA5 Pipe Stress Analysis

PSA5 Pipe Stress Analysis from Whessoe Computing Systems allows piping engineers to accurately and efficiently calculate stress levels within their designs from both static and dynamic loading, and compare these with allowable values for a range of national/industry standards, including ASME III Class 1, 2 and 3, B31.1, B31.3, BS EN 13480 and BS 806.

Pipe stress analysis is a safety critical activity in the design cycle and as such the client must have absolute confidence in the quality of any tool used. PSA5 has a proven track record going back over 40 years, during which it has been used to continuously service the stressing requirements of such blue chip companies as ICI. During this period revenues have been continually reinvested in development and support to meet the ever changing/expanding requirements of the user and to take full advantage of hardware advances. The result is a quality product with a proven track record in which clients have such a degree of confidence that many insist on its use when inviting tenders for plant design. Where safety is concerned there should be no compromise on quality and PSA5 has a quality reputation second to none, gained from a long history of serving the top companies in the power and petrochemical industries.